Of the plastic aligner systems available today, only experienced orthodontists use Orchestrate. Orchestrate is an alternative to traditional braces that uses a series of clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth. Each aligner is specially molded to fit your teeth and guides them to where they should be. Patients using this system change to a different set of aligners every few weeks as the teeth move closer and closer to the proper positions. These aligners must be taken out in order to eat and also to drink beverages that might stain or deform them. See our Orchestrate Home Care page for more details.

Typically, only an orthodontist who holds a Certificate in the Specialty of Orthodontics has the sufficient education and training to use and offer Orchestrate. The reason that Orchestrate is only provided by a seasoned orthodontist is because, unlike Invisalign® where dentists and orthodontists order plastic aligners from the Invisalign® laboratories, the Orchestrate orthodontist has the knowledge and capabilities to develop plastic aligners in his in-house digital laboratory.

In other words, only with Orchestrate does an orthodontist have full control over the revisions of the plastic aligners throughout the treatment. Unlike the Invisalign® system where the plastic aligners are outsourced offshore to the Invisalign® laboratory, with the Orchestrate system the plastic aligners are directly developed in the Orthodontists' in-house laboratory. In sum, orthodontists who have the capability to offer Orchestrate pass on the plastic aligner savings to the patients.

Of the plastic aligner systems available today, Orchestrate is used only by experienced orthodontists.