Dr Stephen McKenna

Dr. Stephen W. McKennaOrthodontics is a family tradition for Dr. Stephen McKenna, who joined the family practice in 1990 after completing his study at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, one of the finest dental schools in the country. Specializing in pediatrics during his residency at New England Medical Center, he continues to bring smiles to generations of children.

Dr. Stephen McKenna spent his childhood watching his parents enjoy doing what they loved: his father chose orthodontics as his profession while his mother immersed herself in art. Their choices, their passions, consumed him, too. His philosophy about orthodontics is centered on the combination of art, healing and science and his ability to enhance the lives of others.

An esteemed orthodontic professional, his colleagues who have nominated him for numerous awards, hold him in high regard. Dr. Stephen McKenna has held numerous positions on the boards of several dental professional associations.

Dr. Stephen McKenna's passion ranges from art, science and education as represented in the meticulous care and service of his patients, the Feeding Hills office that he co-designed and the clarity of orthodontic information on this website.